Legal Fees



The fee arrangements of the our law firm

Our rates are established based on several criteria, including:

  • The complexity of the case
  • The time spent on the file
  • The work done by the lawyer
  • The importance of the case and the stakes


Our firm strives to offer fixed and predictable fees in the form of flat fees whenever possible, in order to allow you to plan your budget in advance. Payment terms can also be arranged. This is generally possible for procedures that are not too uncertain and for which the results are reasonably predictable.

In other cases, we will propose fees based on the time spent on your case by your lawyer. During an initial consultation, you will be informed of the economic conditions of our firm. As a general rule, requests for advances will be made to spread payments over time until the file is closed. Payment facilities may be granted.

If you wish, an interim statement of fees and charges can be regularly established. A final statement of fees and charges will be established when the case is closed or when there is no more medium-term work.

In some procedures, it is possible, in agreement with the client, that payment of a portion of the fees is based on a percentage of the outcome obtained, that is, the amounts recovered or the savings of a disputed claim. However, due to the ethical obligations of our profession, fees cannot be solely linked to the outcome obtained.

In some cases, we may offer a "subscription" for regular consultations at a preferential rate for institutional clients who have frequent and regular consultation needs.


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